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Welcome to the documentation for!

What is Rowlock?

Platform engineering is full of solved problems, why solve them again?

Rowlock was founded to provide solutions for data engineering teams that want to concentrate on their core business problems, rather than constantly reinventing the wheel.

Rowlock is here to help your team move data, manage infrastructure, and save money.

Kafka Connectors

Take a spin through our proprietary Kafka Connectors, which are designed to alleviate common frustrations that enterprise data engineering teams come face-to-face with.


Not sure what a Connector is, or why our connectors might help you? Check our FAQ to see if it's already been answered.

Source-to-Sink Connectors

We also have a stacked catalog of source-to-sink connectors that deliver parity with source systems and handle what Kafka can’t, like rows larger than 20MB.


We hope you find everything you need on these pages, but if not, reach out to our Support and we'll get you squared away.